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Success Factors for International Projects

 From cultural diversity to cultural synergy

When starting international projects companies bring together people of diverse national cultures, with differing values, ideas and attitudes.And although project documentation normally contains detailed descriptions of procedures and processes, as well as deadlines, there are still many things which are misinterpreted and misunderstood by teams operating in different parts of the world.

These misunderstandings may lead to conflicts which sometimes put the whole project implementation at stake. What are the main challenges of an international project? Why do some projects fail? And what can make global projects succeed?

These problems and their possible solutions will be discussed at our Success Factors for International Projects workshop. Case studies and real-life examples and their analysis will stand in the focus of the programme.

 Course outline:


Module 1: Main challenges of an international project.
Module 2: Cultural diversity in international projects.
Module 3: Different approaches to management practices.
Module 4: Communication channels and communication techniques.
Module 5: Establishing and maintaining trust.
Module 6: Conflict resolution in international projects.

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