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As Regis McKenna in his article in the Harvard Business Review says ‘Marketing today is not a function; it is a way of doing business’. Marketing starts with anticipating and sometimes even creating needs which is followed by producing the goods or services satisfying them. Marketing also means promotion of the products including a wide spectrum of conventional and alternative (non-conventional) methods – from advertising (for example in the press and television) to viral campaigns, guerilla marketing and branding techniques.

At our English for Sales and Marketing  workshop we’ll cover a wide range of topics related to modern marketing practices. This course will also be helpful for those who need to communicate confidently and effectively in English in the area of sales and purchasing.

Special attention will be paid to key vocabulary and expressions commonly used in present day marketing environment.


Course outline:


Module 1: Advertising. Types of adverts.
Module 2: Alternative marketing techniques and tools .
Module 3: Sales offers: making first contacts with potential customers.
Module 4: Offers, tenders and bids. Doing sales in writing.
Module 5: Negotiating terms and conditions.
Module 6: Dealing with problems.

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