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Report writing for different purposes

Decide on your action verb

Purpose is the key word in report writing, you should know exactly what your document is meant for. The right instruction verb will definitely help you to determine how you should approach the task, it will clarify your thoughts on the topic and identify which information would be relevant. Are you going to analyze, present, define, summarize, outline, compare, describe, discuss?  A report aimed at analyzing facts or data is quite different in structure from the one meant for describing things. Thus, structure or layout is another key word in report writing.

At our Report Writing for Different Purposes workshop we’ll deal with the report type of your choice, analyzing its basic structure and the most important features. We’ll also provide you with an overview of the report sections identifying information inputs required in each of them.

Course outline:


Module 1: Brainstorming ideas around instruction verbs.
Module 2: Structuring your text.
Module 3: Introduction: main features.
Module 4: Summarizing your ideas. Abstract writing.
Module 5: Synthesizing: key steps.
Module 6: Formal vocabulary, synonyms. Paraphrasing activities.

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