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Presentations: developing own style

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Whether you are presenting a product, a company or a project it’s always YOU who is assessed.

Were you confident enough? Was your speech clear? Did you make an impact on your audience? Were your visuals convincing and interesting? Was your presentation really targeted?

Our Presentations: developing your style workshop is meant for those who need to present their ideas in front of different audiences across the globe. You will be trained to speak persuasively, to keep the attention of the audience and to really fire up your listeners.

While making on the spot presentations you will be practicing various presentation techniques thus developing your own unique style.

Special attention will be paid to the design and format of your visuals.

Course outline:


Module 1: What makes presentation really work – features of a good presentation.
Module 2: Delivering a presentation – structuring, pausing, pacing, stressing.
Module 3: Making visuals effective – designing, formatting.
Module 4: Interacting with the audience – tips for establishing rapport.
Module 5: Presenting facts, figures, ideas, projects.
Module 6: Increasing credibility – tips for making your presentation really powerful.

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