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Socializing, Small Talking, Networking

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Socializing, small talking, networking …  these are nowadays important aspects of business practices.

They help to create a positive atmosphere, make your contacts more personal, build up the basis for a successful relationship. A good small talk can be the start of a new project or a new venture opening up success opportunities for the future.

But what exactly is a ‘good small talk’?

Which topics are the right ones? What about ‘taboo’ topics? What vocabulary do I need for a small talk?

At our Socializing, Small Talking, Networking workshop these and many other questions will be dealt with.

Special attention will be paid to networking techniques in different business settings.



Module 1: Why is socializing and Co. important?
Module 2: Socializing formats and language patterns.
Module 3: Good and taboo topics for small talk.
Module 4: Active listening as part of the game.
Module 5: Networking at different business events.
Module 6: Socializing in different cultures.

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