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Negotiations with foreign partners

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We cannot negotiate with those who say “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable”.

          John F. Kennedy, former US President

The word ‘negotiate’ is used twice in this statement and each time with a different meaning. What is actually meant here? A process? A fight? An exchange of opinions?  Using these words we may say that – yes – negotiation is a process that contains an exchange of opinions which, unfortunately sometimes ends in a fight. But negotiation means a lot more, it’s about establishing relationships, building rapport, bargaining, persuading, compromising, etc.

Our Negotiations with foreign partners workshop is meant for those who need to master their negotiation skills in order to be better prepared for the challenges of the present day competitive markets. We’ll discuss the negotiation process and its important phases paying special attention to the participants typical mistakes. You will learn how to make your arguments more targeted and persuasive.

Course outline:


Module 1: Preparation – what does it mean in case of negotiations?
Module 2: Attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of negotiators.
Module 3: Rapport building. How important is trust?
Module 4: Argumentation and debate as part of the negotiation process .
Module 5: Active listening: key techniques.
Module 6: Bargaining and finding a solution.

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