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E-mailing / Letter writing

Great things start with details

An e-mail can cost you a job.

An e-mail can bring you a fortune.

It makes no difference what kind of e-mail / letter you are writing:  personal or official, standardized or adjusting, friendly or formal. In any business situation your written text says much about YOU.

At our E-mailing / Letter-writing courses we use a great variety of training methods which will help you build-up effective and efficient relationship with your business partners, master your formal and informal writing style, write targeted and result-oriented messages.

Special attention will be paid to difficult situations in business writing, such as complaints, reminders and adjustments.



Module 1: Introducing your company or product in writing. Writing and replying to enquiries.
Module 2: Formal and informal writing. Making appointments and arrangements.
Module 3: Dealing with orders. Negotiating by e-mail.
Module 4: Building relationship in / through e-mailing.
Module 5: Typical mistakes in e-mail/letter-writing.
Module 6: Dealing with problems: writing complaints and adjustments.


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