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Presenting for international audiences

Adapt your message to culture

Experienced sales managers know it intuitively. In product presentations it has always been like this: what works in one culture doesn’t work in another.  The product is the same, the speaker is the same, but the audience is different. What exactly makes the audience different?

It’s really many things: how is humour accepted? How to deal with the time: should you stick to the time allotted for the presentation or rather be time-flexible? Will the audience expect a more task- or relationship oriented speaker?

At our Presenting for International Audiences workshop we’ll discuss these and many other issues which will help you be more efficient in your job.

Course outline:


Module 1: Presentation as a genre.
Module 2: Cultural filters and communication patterns in presentations.
Module 3: Speaker-focused cultural filters.
Module 4: Content-focused cultural filters.
Module 5: Interacting with the audience in different cultures.
Module 6: Presentation features in a culture (cultures) of your choice.

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