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Toolkit for managing intercultural partnerships

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Diversity is one of the most important trends of modern business, meaning a mixture of attitudes, approaches, opinions and, first of all, cultures. You will have to overcome cultural barriers while looking for partners abroad, entering foreign markets, taking part in international projects, etc.

Knowing your partner’s cultural background will help you not only better understand him/her, but also develop deep and harmonious relationships which will be the basis of your business cooperation for many years to come.

At our Toolkit for managing intercultural partnerships workshop we’ll discuss a wide range of real life situations and case studies dealing with various intercultural problems .

 Course outline:


Module 1: Your first contacts with a potential foreign partner.
Module 2: Cultural Iceberg Model.
Module 3: Power, hierarchy, status.
Module 4: The role of the leader in different cultures.
Module 5: International projects: working in teams.
Module 6: Time management and risk taking.

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