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English for International Logistics

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International Logistics is a fast developing branch where  people from different parts of the world cooperate on a daily, or sometimes, even on an hourly basis in order to reach their main aim – deliver the goods to the customer.

At our English for International Logistics workshop we’ll cover a wide range of topics associated with the logistics industry.  We’ll also deal with a variety of settings which are important for people in management positions, as well as for those working in warehousing and administration.

In the course of the workshop branch-specific texts and conversations will be offered for discussion which will help you to better learn key vocabulary and commonly used expressions that are essential to communication whether you work for a shipping agent, a customs broker, or a freight forwarder .

Course outline:


Module 1: Logistics services. Inventory management.  Procurement.
Module 2: Modes of transport. Handling equipment.
Module 3: Packing. Marking. Loading.
Module 4: Shipping goods. Freight forwarder obligations.
Module 5: Warehousing and storage.
Module 6: Important documentation in International Logistics. Customs.

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