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English for Finance

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At our Branch-oriented Language Training: English for Finance  workshop we’ll discuss a wide range of topics related to the modern financial world, such as Asset Management,  Accounting, Securities, Stock Exchange, International Trade and others. Different exercises are included into the course to train important branch-based vocabulary which is supplied with clear and concise explanations.  We’ll also practice task-based activities in realistic business settings.

In the course of the workshop you’ll be able to master both your oral and written communication skills on the basis of situations and scenarios relevant for the financial industry which would enable you cooperate successfully with your partners and customers.

Special attention will be paid to negotiations which you might have with representatives of different cultures.

Course outline:


Module 1: Banking products and services.
Module 2: Retail banking. Loans and credits.
Module 3: Accounting. Management accounting.
Module 4: International Trade: key financial issues.
Module 5: Foreign Exchange. Securities.  Asset  Management.
Module 6: Mergers and acquisitions.

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