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Cross-cultural synergy

Looking for contacts abroad is a natural development strategy for businesses.

Experts say that already the first meeting with a potential foreign partner is of vital importance because it sets the basis for future cooperation. To build up a trustworthy and efficient relationship you need to be aware of your partners’ cultural features, including their communication style, greeting patterns, negotiation scenarios, management practices, values, habits and ways, as well as different unwritten rules and laws.

At our courses we’ll be developing skills necessary for effective cooperation with partners across the globe and multi-cultural teams.

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Our courses:

» Success Factors for International Projects
» Intercultural Communication: Do’s and Don’ts
» Toolkit for managing intercultural partnerships
» Presenting for International Audiences


 Course details

» Module-based course structure – up to 8 modules.
» Customer-based course content.
» Extras: a phrase bank, templates, samples.