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Intercultural Communication: Do’s and Don’ts

Shaping your business relationships across the globe

Many things can be different in your partner’s culture: their small talk scenarios and eating habits, the way they organize meetings, make presentations and hold negotiations, their attitudes to time, agreements and trust.

At our Intercultural Communication: Do’s and Don’ts workshop the main focus will be on how to best deal with numerous communication issues in order to build up successful and mutually beneficial relationships with your potential partners.

Special attention will be given to cross-cultural differences between European and Asian countries.

Course outline:


Module 1: What makes the first contact with a foreign partner successful?
Module 2: Greetings: rituals, language patterns and body language.
Module 3: Small talking across cultures.
Module 4: Meetings, their role and format in your partner’s culture.
Module 5: Negotiating styles, practices, strategies and techniques.
Module 6: Unwritten rules and laws in different cultures.

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