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About us

English is the lingua franca of modern business, the working language of communication between companies across the globe.ibc_hand_3

Improving your soft skills, building up your cross-cultural competence is part of the professional development of business people, managers, leaders and specialists.

Why choose IBC-Consult?

  • Our courses are targeted.
    It’s always a certain communication skill, cultural topic or key vocabulary of some branch that we are working at.
  • We employ a great variety of methods. It’s a mixture of training, consulting and coaching.
  • Each course is supplied with extra materials which the participants can use later in their work.

Dr.Natalia Fritsler’s Profile

The owner of www.ibc-consult.eu is  Dr. Natalia Fritsler,  a culture and communication consultant with about 30 years of experience.

  • Lecturer, teacher, consultant
  • Certified Intercultural Trainer
  • Author of 5 books and numerous articles
  • Frequent speaker at international conferences

Dr. Natalia Fritsler’s Team

  • Highly qualified and experienced consultants from different countries
  • Certified trainers with academic degrees
  • Excellent teaching and training skills