Are you going GLOBAL?


You can only win a potential customer through communication

Oral, written, virtual, real, face-to-face, planned or incidental … . There are so many ways of how you can communicate today. Your partner / customer, however, is always your main focus. Your partner/customer’s cultural values and features, habits, norms and traditions – every detail will make a difference. This is the WHO of your communication.

A topic important for both sides lays the foundation for your business. To discuss it in English you need the terminology used in your branch. This is the WHAT of your communication.

Every business situation requires its own sets of language resources – words, phrases, patterns  –  and communication tools – strategies, scenarios and techniques – which will  help you reach your goal. This is the HOW of your communication.


Find out more about the WHO, the  WHAT and the HOW of communication – the main components of your success.

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